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Taste of Japan and Sake

Reels vol.51
Potato Salad

27 March 2024

Cooking Video ---> @naturalnaturalonlineshop

Indulge in the velvety goodness of Japanese potato salad, perfectly balanced with a touch of acidity that keeps you want to come back for more.

Paired beautifully with…
Tokubetsu Junmai [Heart and Oak]

Signature junmai release from British toji (brew master) Philip Harper. Nutty and toasty with a wild berry zing, this full-throated expression of junmai delight is richly flavourful, yet crisp-drinking and always balanced.

Reels vol.50

19 February 2024
Cooking Video ---> @naturalnaturalonlineshop

Oden, a timeless Japanese hot pot, where root vegetables, fish cakes, and eggs harmoniously simmer in a savoury broth of soy sauce, mirin, and dashi. Pairing it with hot sake enhances the warmth of this comforting dish.

Paired beautifully with…
KOSHINO KANBAI Muku [Pure Realm] 720ml (Alcohol 15%)

Reels vol.49

20 January 2023
Cooking Video ---> @naturalnaturalonlineshop

Japanese New Year is our Christmas when families get together and eat a collection of special food called ‘Osechi-Ryori’. O-Zoni is one of such dishes, after going through many starters that were pre-cooked in the last few days of the previous year, you reach this juicy sticky mochi in soup as main. Different soup is used in different region, and this recipe uses chicken and kombu as stock base.

Paired beautifully with…
KOKURYU Kuzuryu Daiginjo [Silk Dragon] 720ml (Alcohol 15%)


Reels vol.48
Salmon Yuan Yaki  

25 December 2023
Cooking Video ---> @naturalnaturalonlineshop

Yuan yaki is similar to teriyaki, it is less sweet with lovely citric freshness from yuzu juice. Very easy to make and utterly delicious.

Sake beautifully paired with…
Omachi [Jewel Brocade] 720ml (Alcohol 16%)

Reels vol.47

19 November 2023
Cooking Video ---> @naturalnaturalonlineshop

This heartwarming traditional home cooking dish will keep your temperature a degree higher through the cold winter months. Traditionally, thinly sliced short rib is used, but rib eye wish moderate fat will work well, too.
Shiro Dashi is a concentrated pale dashi stock typically made from bonito flakes and kombu, often seasoned with soy sauce and mirin. It gives a dish an instant lift and enhances umami.
The strength of the Shiro Dashi differs between the product, so please follow manufacturer’s guidance and adjust the volume. You can use other type of dashi, too.


Reels vol.46
Sweet Ginger Minced Chicken Rice

21 October 2023
Cooking Video ---> @naturalnaturalonlineshop

There are some dishes that remind me of childhood, and this is one of them.
Don’t be alarmed with the volume of ginger, it gives the sauce the sharpness it needs.
Sweet, spicy and succulent, minced chicken in perfect balance with the egg and rice.
Cook the chicken and egg separately, and serve on the bed of warm rice.

Paired beautifully with…

MASUMI Hiyaoroshi [Sleeping Beauty] 720ml (Alcohol 15%)

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