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Taste of Japan and Sake

Reels vol.45
Cupcake with Matcha and Kinako

22 Sptember023

Cooking Video ---> @naturalnaturalonlineshop

Japanese hot cake mix (or pancake mix) is a seasoned flour with baking powder that guarantees fluffy and light cupcakes. It makes American style pancakes and it’s lovely for donuts, too.
Kinako is a fine flour made by grinding soybean powder, it is nutritious and delicious, traditionally used in Japanese sweets.  

Paired beautifully with…
Tedorigawa "Kinka" [Gold Blossom] 720ml

Reels vol.44
Omu Rice

20 July 2023
Cooking Video ---> @naturalnaturalonlineshop

Omu Rice is one of the most ‘asked’ recipes from all walks of life, from a Michelin starred chef to a home cook. The method varies depending on how the egg is finished, some is move technical in need of many practices, so we would like to share with you the ‘fail-proof’ recipe. The classic recipe uses chicken but we swapped it with a juicy and smoky Japanese style pork sausages with amazing texture.

Paired beautifully with…
AKITABARE Koshiki Junzukuri [Northern Skies] 720ml 

Reels vol.43

15 June 2023
Cooking Video ---> @naturalnaturalonlineshop

The most famous fried noodle in Japan, it is a well-balanced dish with protein, carbohydrate and plenty of vegetables. The cooking is simplified using a pre-steamed and greased yakisoba noodle that comes with a sachet of delicious sauce. To maximise the texture and flavour, the surface of the noodle is made crispy in a frying pan, the rest is very easy, all you need is to stir fry everything and put a fried egg on top.

Paired beautifully with…
KAMOIZUMI Nigori Ginjo [Summer Snow] 500ml

Reels vol.42
Mitarashi Dango  

19 May 2023
Cooking Video ---> @naturalnaturalonlineshop

Mitarashi Dango is a classic Japanese sweet that has a cross-generation popularity in Japan.
It is a kind of dessert you love that you would like to bring to your grandma for tea.
Mochi is made of glutenous rice flour but the in this dish rice flour is mixed into it to create a firmer texture. Must have for your afternoon green tea.

Paired beautifully with…
Yama no Mori (Barley Shochu) [Mountain Guardian] 750ml

Reels vol.41
Sake steamed claims with yuzu juice

20 April 2023
Cooking Video ---> @naturalnaturalonlineshop

Like wine in French cooking, Japanese uses sake for many dishes. Sake is extremely umami-rich, it brings out the best of the clams and make the clams so juicy while soy sauce intensifies the flavour. Yuzu is seasonal so you may not be able to find the fresh fruit but the yuzu juice is available to buy throughout the year. Citric freshness coming from yuzu is incredibly aromatic, this is a super quick recipe and highly recommended.

Paired beautifully with…
Masumi “Shiro” [Sake Matinee] 720ml

Reels vol.40
Tofu Burgers with Hatcho Miso

23 March 2023
Cooking Video ---> @naturalnaturalonlineshop

Meat free burger with tofu is made extremely flavoursome and umami rich with hatcho miso. The darkest and the most intense miso made with just soybeans, traditionally fermented for over 2 years under the pressure of heavy stones, hatcho miso sends the tofu burger to another level.

If you want to step in further for a perfection, try coating the burger with extra breadcrumbs before cooking for an incredible crispiness.

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