Taste of Japan and Sake Live vol.49

Taste of Japan and Sake Live vol.49

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Japanese New Year is our Christmas when families get together and eat a collection of special food called ‘Osechi-Ryori’. O-Zoni is one of such dishes, after going through many starters that were pre-cooked in the last few days of the previous year, you reach this juicy sticky mochi in soup as main. Different soup is used in different region, and this recipe uses chicken and kombu as stock base.

Serves 2

2 Mochi
80g Chicken thigh
2 Cooked king prawns
2 sprigs Coriander
2 slices Naruto fish cake (Optional)

2g Kombu dashi kelp stock sachet
1 tsp Usukuchi light soy sauce
2 tsp Mirin
Pinch Salt
300ml Water


Make soup
Add kombu dashi kelp stock to water, bring to a boil. Cut chicken into 2cm chunks and add to the soup. Reduce the heat to low, cook for 3 minutes.

Add soy sauce and mirin, salt to taste.

Bake mochi 
Preheat the oven at 180C.
Place mochi on baking sheet and cook for several minutes until it puffs up.
After 4 minutes, keep an eye on it. It happens suddenly. The mochi should be enlarged and slightly toasty on top. 

Reheat the soup as necessary to make it hot.
Add the mochi to the soup and cook for 1-2 minutes to tenderize.
Turn off the heat.
Place one mochi in a bowl, pour the soup over.
Garnish with a slice of Naruto fish cake, prawn and coriander.

Repeat the process for another bowl.

Serve immediately.