Taste of Japan and Sake Live vol.47

Products used in "Taste of Japan and Sake vol.47"


This heartwarming traditional home cooking dish will keep your temperature a degree higher through the cold winter months. Traditionally, thinly sliced short rib is used, but rib eye wish moderate fat will work well, too.
Shiro Dashi is a concentrated pale dashi stock typically made from bonito flakes and kombu, often seasoned with soy sauce and mirin. It gives a dish an instant lift and enhances umami.
The strength of the Shiro Dashi differs between the product, so please follow manufacturer’s guidance and adjust the volume. You can use other type of dashi, too.


Serves 2

300g Beef brisket
350g Potatoes
200g Onion (1 medium onion)
120g Carrot
8 Mange Trout or Sugar Snaps
600ml Water
5 tbsp Soy sauce
5 tbsp Mirin
1 tbsp Sugar
1 tsp Higashimaru Shiro Dashi
1 tbsp Sesame oil



Slice the beef thinly, as thinly as practically possible against the muscles.

Peel skin and cut potatoes and carrots to a small bite size, but all in similar size so they will look uniform, and the cooking time will be the same. Cut the ends off the onion, then cut in half from the top to the root-end. Cut each half into a quarter in the same direction.


 Add sesame oil to a medium saucepan, cook the beef over medium heat until it turns slightly brown, add the onions, carrots and potatoes, stir fry for a couple of minutes.

Pour soy sauce, mirin, shiro dashi and water to the above, add sugar, bring to a soft boil.

Turn down the heat a little so the saucepan will not rattle, keep simmering for 20 minutes. 

For the best result, turn off the heat, put a lid on, wait for several hours until the sauce cools down to room temperature. This allows the ingredients to absorb the sauce properly. Start heating again, cook for 20 minutes. Sauce is now a little reduced and rich, so pour it over nikujyaga with a spoon.

Turn off the heat, scatter mange tout (or sugar snaps). Serve warm.