Fresh-frozen shelled-oysters from Hiroshima Prefecture 3pcs (180 – 200g)

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Hiroshima Prefecture oysters, raised in the salty, mineral-rich Seto Inland Sea, are prized for their characteristic firm flesh and rich, sweet flavour.
The oysters are flash-frozen in their shells. So the remaining seawater prevents them from drying, keeping them moist and plump! You'll also enjoy the savory aroma of the sea.
Fresh, healthy oysters harvested in their shells at peak season are available year-round.

[How to cook]

  1. Remove oysters from the bag.
  2. Place the oysters (1) in a bowl, and defrost under running water for 5 to10 minutes.
    Adjust defrosting time, as water and ambient temperatures vary by region and season.
  3. Use a knife to cut the adductor and remove the meat from the shell.
    Rinse the oyster with mineral water.
  • Do not allow the temperature to change.
  • Avoid cutting your fingers on the shell.
  • Refreezing thawed oysters can cause deteriorations in flavour and quality.
  • Do not refreeze.