Minori Rice 1kg

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Grown in: Spain


Thanks to the source of the Ebro, flowing from the Pyrenees in northern Spain, the rice cultivated here enjoys a stable size of harvest.

Minori Rice is "AKITAKOMACHI" variety based rice. The "AKITAKOMACHI" because of its good taste and aroma, our glutinous rice is characterized by the chewy texture thanks to the high content of water, and is savoury even when it gets cold.

Minori Rice is also cultivated with a safe and secure agrichemical-reduced culture method. Enjoy Minori Rice with the sweetness, the good gloss and stickiness, characteristics of the "AKITAKOMACHI" variety for Sushi and other traditional Japanese rice dishes.

The vacuum packed 1kg of Minori Rice for your convenience to take out, so that our rice is kept tasty.