Fruit Infused Sake Duo

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2 bottles of Fruit Infused Sake Set

*No free Sake glass for this set

1) UMENOYADO Yuzu Shu 720ml x 1
Category: Speciality [Fruit Sake (Yuzu Citrus)], Alcohol: 8%
Plenty of 'Yuzu' (Japanese citrus) has been squeezed into this sake, bringing out the distinctive Yuzu flavour with its well balanced acidity and a subtle sweetness.

2) UMENOYADO Aragoshi Ume Shu 720ml x 1
Category: Speciality: Plum Sake (Plum Wine), Alcohol: 12%
Aragoshi means ‘roughly pressed.’ The Aragoshi Umeshu containers 21% freshly squeezed plum nectar by volume. It retains the natural pulp and sweetness of specially selected, hand-washed ume plums. One of the finest and most distinctive plum wines produced today. An all-natural ume plum puree is added to the umeshu for extra depth.

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