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This is a dish that I have never met anyone who did not like. Aubergine is an understated vegetable. It looks black and impenetrable, but cooking it right liberates the incredible juiciness and deliciousness, it is a heavenly combination with dark and intensive but sweet hacho miso paste.

Serves 2


1 Aubergine
1 tsp/5mg Sesame seeds
Vegetable based neutral flavoured oil

Miso sauce

2 tbsp /30ml Hacho miso
1 tbsp/15ml Sugar
1 tbsp/15ml


2 tbsp/30ml Water

  1. For the dark miso sauce, whisk sugar, mirin, water and dark miso together. Heat over medium heat stirring until the sauce thickens.
  2. Wash aubergine, cut off the cap and stem. Lay the aubergine horizontally on chopping board, cut vertically into 2cm thick discs.
  3. Score a criss-cross pattern on both sides.


Cooking and serving

  1. Preheat 1cm deep vegetable oil in a frying over medium heat. Add the aubergine discs and cook for 3 minutes, cover with lid to protect you from splatter and to steam the aubergine. Turn over to cook the other side for 5 minutes with the lid. Adjust the heat to prevent the aubergine from burning.
  2. Rest the aubergine on kitchen towel to absorb the excess oil
  3. Spread the miso paste over the surface of the aubergine.
  4. Sprinkle sesame seeds to serve.


    Koimaru Kurosato Brown Sugar 300g
    Koimaru Kurosato Brown Sugar 300g
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    Furusato Sanonto Brown Sugar 750g
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