Taste of Japan and Sake Live vol.34

Products used in "Taste of Japan and Sake vol.34"

Salmon Teriyaki

Serves 2


2 Salmon fillets with skin
5ml/4g/1tsp Sesame seeds
2.5ml/1g/½ tsp Vegetable oil
for the teriyaki sauce
37.5ml/45g/2.5Tbsp Soy sauce
37.5ml/45g/2.5Tbsp Mirin
10ml/10g/2tsp Sake
2.5ml/2g/½ tsp Sugar
Pinch of salt to pre-season salmon

• Wash salmon in cold water and dry them well with the kitchen towel
• Sprinkle salt over the salmon to season.
• Make teriyaki sauce by mixing soy sauce, mirin, sake and sugar in a bowl.
• Preheat non-stick frying over medium heat. Add oil. Cook the salmon with skin side down for up to 2 minutes. Turn over the salmon and cook the other sides for 1 minute each.
• Turn down the heat to low. Remove any excess oil with a kitchen paper to prevent the teriyaki sauce splattering. Pour the sauce over the salmon and cook for a further 2 minutes. While cooking, tilt the frying pan slightly, spoon the sauce over the salmon several times. The sauce thickens slightly, and the surface of the salmon should become glossy. Take care not to burn the sauce.
• If the sauce is still runny, remove the salmon from the frying pan, then turn up the heat a little to further thicken the sauce. It should still be runny and a touch lighter than the clear honey when drizzled from the spoon.
• Plate the salmon, pour the teriyaki sauce. Sprinkle the salmon with some sesame seeds to serve.