Taste of Japan and Sake Live vol.32

Products used in "Taste of Japan and Sake vol.32"



Somen is the thinnest Japanese wheat noodle with diameter of less than 1.3mm.

It’s light and cooks fast, typically in just 2 minutes. Katsuo Kombu Dashi Tsuyu is a useful condiment in your larder, it is a concentrated seasoned dashi stock. Simply dipping the cold somen in Katsuo Kombu Dashi Tsuyu diluted with twice the volume of water is delicious, but this recipe makes you so much more satisfied with rich and nutty sesame dressing. Onsen tamago technique cooks the egg yolk faster than the egg white, when you crack the egg open it’s a perfect porched egg. Mix all together for the perfect deliciousness.


Serves 2

30ml/36g/2tbsp          Soy Sauce
30ml/36g/2tbsp          Katsuo kombu dashi tsuyu (concentrated dashi)
30ml/36g/2tbsp          Sesame Paste or Tahini
30ml/30g/2tbsp          Rice vinegar
30ml/42g/2tbsp          Maple syrup
5ml/5g/1tsp                Whole grain mustard
5ml/4g/1tsp                Sesame oil
1                                  Small gem lettuce, cut in fine strips  
100g                            Vine tomatoes, cut in half
90g                              Honey Roasted Ham, cut in fine strips
90g                              Cooked King Prawns  
180g                            Somen noodle
2                                   Egg
2                                   Spring onion, finely chopped
                                    Shichimi Pepper to season

Make Onsen Tamago

  • Add 1L boiling water and 200ml cold water in a bowl. Insert eggs gently.
  • Cover with a lid tightly. Leave for 15 minutes. After cooking, keep cool.

Make sesame dressing

  • Add soy sauce, katsuo kombu dashi tsuyu, rice vinegar, maple syrup, sesame paste (or tahini), whole grain mustard and sesame oil in a bowl. Blend well into a smooth dressing.

Cook somen

  • Make sure that toppings are prepared as above.
  • Cook somen according to the package instruction. It is typically 2 minutes in plenty of boiling water. If it starts overflow, add half a glass of water instead of reducing the heat. Cool down the somen in cold running water. Rest in a sieve to drain water.


  • Just as you could make salad, add the somen in a serving bowl, followed by gem lettus, ham, tomato, prawns. Sprinkle chopped spring onions, drizzle the sesame dressing.
  • Make a small dip in the centre, crack open the egg. Serve immediately with shichimi pepper, mix everything to eat and be happy.