Taste of Japan and Sake Live vol.27

IGTV vol.27

Products used in "Taste of Japan and Sake vol.27"


Jingisukan ジンギスカン

Jingisukan sauce is used to marinate the lamb as well as a dipping sauce.

Serves 4

800g                                                     Lamb loin
300g                                                     Beansprouts
1                                                             Red or green pepper
1                                                             Medium carrot
½                                                           Onion
                                                              Lamb fat

Jingiskan Sauce
150ml/180g                                         Soy sauce
75ml/75g                                             Cooking Sake reduced to 50ml by boiling to make ‘Nikiri-Sake’
50ml/50g                                              Lemon juice
25ml/25g                                              Orange Juice
32ml/45g                                              Honey
1                                                             Small Apple
1                                                             Small Onion
2                                                             Garlic cloves
10g                                                        Ginger
10g                                                        Okinawa Black Sugar
2g                                                          Black Pepper


  1. The day before:
    • Make Jingisukan sauce
    • Make Nikiri-sake In a small saucepan, add sake. Bring to a boil over high heat, reduce sake to 2/3 of the volume.
    • Add the sauce ingredients to the food processor/blender, make them into smooth sauce. It should take 30 seconds to 2 minutes at high-speed depending on your machine. Store in the fridge for overnight.
  2. On the day of cooking:
    • Slice the lamb thinly at about 5mm thickness. Trim the fat and save for use later.
    • Marinate the lamb in half a cup of jingisukan sauce for 3 hours+. Save the rest as dipping sauce.
    • Wash vegetables
    • Cut vegetables. Carrot to 3-4mm thickness, cut diagonally. To stabilize the carrot, take a side off a little and place it on the chopping board with the cut side down. Onion to 1cm thickness. Pepper to 1cm strips. 
  1. Cooking
    Pre-heat the non-stick griddle or frying pan over medium heat.
    Add lamb fat and coat the surface. It should be sizzling with heat.
    You will cook the vegetables and lamb in several batches depending on the size of your griddle/frying pan. Do not add all at once.
    Cook carrot, onion and pepper first. When they are half cooked and slightly transparent and brown around the edges, add beansprouts.
    Push the vegetables to the side and add the several pieces of lamb in the centre. Spread them our so they will cook evenly. After 30 seconds turn over the lamb. Cook for further 30 seconds.
    Keep topping up the vegetables and lamb to enjoy. 
  1. Serving
    • Prepare a small dish for dipping sauce.

Eat as you cook, top up and cook more as you wish!