Japanese Cooking and Sake Live vol.2

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Japanese FOOD and SAKE Survival Recipe

Katsu (Pork Cutles) with Akemi's secret frying technic

Ingredients for 1: Pork steak 100g, flour, egg, panko, oil


  1. Stub pork steak with folk as much as you wish
  2. Dust flour onto pork steak, dip into beaten egg, and press the pork into panko
  3. Add oil into frying pan, add 2, start fry on medium heat for 7min
  4. Turn the pork and cook for 3min and turn again and cook for 3min


Curry Udon Noodle

Ingredients: Leftover curry 1 cup, Konbu dashi stock 2.5tps, Water 100ml, Udon Noodle, Spring Onion (option)


  1. Cook Udon according to the package
  2. add curry, dashi stock, water into a pan over medium heat
  3. Put Udon into a bowl and add 2, sprinkle spring onion