Taste of Japan and Sake Live vol.37


Products used in "Taste of Japan and Sake vol.37"


Japan’s national hot pot dish. Best to sit around the table and eat with friends and family.

Ask the butcher in advance if they can slice beef thinly. They need to freeze the beef before slicing so they may not be able to. Some Japanese or oriental shop may stock pre-sliced beef, or buy a small block of beef ribeye steak, freeze for 5 hours and slice your own.

Onsen tamago cooks the egg yolk faster than the egg white at the right temperature range, making both egg yolk and white cooked but runny. It is perfect for dipping sauce.

Serves 2


300g Beef Ribeye steak, thinly sliced
200g Firm tofu
1 Leek
200g Shirataki Konjac Noodle
100g Shiitake Mushroom
2 Pak Choi

Beef fat

2 Eggs


Sukiyaki Sauce

  • 100ml                 Soy sauce

  • 100ml                 Mirin

  • 100ml                 Water

  • 2-3tbsp              Sugar



1. Cut ingredients

  • Tofu - Cut into bite-size pieces.
  • Leek - Diagonally slice to 1 cm thick pieces.
  • Shiitake Mushroom – Remove stokes, cut into bite-size pieces.
  • Pak Choi – Make crosscut incision at the bottom, tear to the leaf top
  • Shirataki Konjac Noodle – Pour boiling water over in a heat resistant bowl or saucepan, strain. Cut into easy-to-eat lengths.

2. Make sukiyaki sauce

  • Mix together the ingredients until sugar is dissolved. Use 2 tbsp of sugar for the sauce, add the rest while cooking if you want to make it sweeter.

3. Make Onsen Tamago (egg)

  • Recommend a thick saucepan with good heat retention. Pour 1L boiling water to the saucepan, then add 200ml cold water. Immediately, add eggs. Cover with lid and leave for 15 minutes. This brings the temperature ideal to cook the egg yolk faster than egg white.

Cooking and serving

1. In a frying pan, cook the beef fat over medium heat for 2-3 minutes. It releases umami and flavour to the dish.

2. Add a couple of slices of beef, cook until they turn slightly brown. It helps to enhance the flavour for further enrichment. You only need to do it once.

3. Pour sukiyaki sauce and add the rest of the ingredients. Add more sauce to about 1cm deep. Turn over the ingredients from time to time to cook evenly. As soon as they are all cooked, turn down the heat. The idea is that you keep eating, topping up, and cooking.
4 In a medium bowl, crack open and beat the egg for dipping sauce.

5 Top up with more ingredients including beef, add more sukiyaki sauce as necessary. Turn up the heat, turn over the ingredients from time to time to cook evenly.

6 Repeat the process and enjoy.