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Shochu Set

1) TOYONAGA Toyonagakura (Rice Shochu) [Land of Plenty] 750ml x 1
Category: Shochu (Rice Shochu), Alcohol: 24%
A classic rice shochu from the Kyushu heartland. Exceptionally smooth and mellow, Toyonaga has a sweet meadowland flavour, reminiscent of Speyside single malts.

2) YAMA NO MORI Yama no Mori (Barley Shochu) [Mountain Guardian] 750ml x 1
Category: Shochu (Rice & Barley Shochu), Alcohol: 25%
Made from 1/3 rice and 2/3 barley, this shochu possesses exceptional clarity and refinement. It is distilled on Iki Island, where barley shochu originated over 400 years ago.

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