Dry Sake Duo

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2 bottles of Fruit Infused Sake Set

1) SOHOMARE Karakuchi [Premium Dry Sake] 720ml x 1
Category: Junmai, Alcohol: 15%
This masterful interpretation of the "dry sake" genre is crystal clear and bracingly delicious. Made with Yamadanishiki rice, it has everything you look for in a junmai: flavour, clarity and impeccable structure.

2) DEWAZAKURA Izumi Judan [Tenth Degree] 720ml x 1
Category: Ginjo, Alcohol: 17%
A martini-lover's sake: dry and clear with aromatics reminiscent of Tanqueray. No other ginjo combines dryness (+12 on the sake scale) and edginess to such exhilarating effect.

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