Beginners Sake Pack 300ml x 3

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3 small bottles of Japanese Sake for beginners

1) MASUMI Okuden Kantsukuri [Mirror of Truth] 300ml x 1
Category: Junmai, Alcohol: 15%
Longtime sake-drinkers find this sake comfortingly familiar. It is smooth at first sip, and displays a range of subtle, organic flavours as well as a pleasant natural sweetness.

2) DEWAZAKURA Oka [Cherry Bouquet] 300ml x 1
Category: Ginjo, Alcohol: 15%
Soft-feeling on the tongue, Oka's transparency of flavour matches the clarity of the colourless liquor. It is floral rather than fruity, though there is a touch of pear, and perhaps melon.

3) TEDORIGAWA Yamahai Daiginjo [Chrysanthemum Meadow] 300ml x 1
Category: Daiginjo, Alcohol: 15%
Enticing imprint of honey and herbs at first sip, segueing at mid-range into a sake of surprising clarity. Supple, racy and eminently drinkable over long periods of time.

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