Tea Powder Irodori Midori 100g *Best Before Date 31/08/2022*

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This tea falls under the category of "kabuse-cha(covered cultivation tea)", that is processed into powder from a very rare tea that accounts for less than 5% of Japan's tea production. Only the highest quality spring plucked first flush tea is used to produce this powdered tea, which has a bright green color, an elegant sweetness, and a mild bitterness. It can be dissolved in water and drink as tea, also can be useed for baking and cooking.

recipe to try
Tea Powder Irodori Midori 6g
rice milk 450ml
vanilla syrup 20g

Mix Tea Powder Irodori Midori with a little rice milk and vanilla syrup to make paste. Add the rest of the rice milk and stir well to drink. Enjoy!