Japanese Cooking and Sake Live vol.23

IGTV vol.23

Products used in "Japanese Cooking and Sake Live vol.23"


Chicken and Egg Bowl  ‘Oyakodon’   親子丼

Serves 2

400g               Cooked Rice (120g uncooked)

300g               Chicken thighs, preferably with skin

4                    Eggs

40ml               Tsuyu dashi soup stock (3 times concentrate) *

120ml             Water

2                    Spring onions, finely sliced

2 tsp               Sesame Seeds

1                     Nori seaweed sheet, cut into roughly 5cm x 2mm strips

1 tbsp             Sesame oil

2 tsp               Rice vinegar


*Tsuyu is a umami rich concentrated Japanese dashi soup stock.

Traditional dashi is made typically with kombu and dried bonito flakes, and Tsuyu is a dashi condiment that has soy sauce and mirin already included, usually available at twice or three times concentrated depending on the product. It is a popular choice for Japanese households; before use simply dilute it with water.

For 2 times concentrate Tsuyu dashi soup stock, use 50ml Tsuyu and 100ml water.

  1. Combine the Tsuyu and water in a bowl, put it aside
  2. In another bowl, lightly whisk the eggs. Egg white and egg yolk should not be completely mixed.
  3. Cut chicken thighs into 2cm chunks
  4. Add sesame oil in the non-stick frying pan, cook chicken over medium heat with the skin side down until the skin becomes slightly brown and ideally a little crispy. This should take about 2-3 minutes.
  5. Turn off the heat and add 1 to prevent the sauce from splattering. Put the heat back on medium, cook the chicken for up to 3-5minutes or until completely cooked. Sauce should be reduced up to 2/3 of the volume.
  6. Add 1/3 of the eggs, mostly egg white, evenly pour over the chicken. Cook until the egg is half cooked.
  7. Add another 1/3 of the eggs, pour evenly. Cook until they are half cooked and still runny.
  8. Add the last 1/3, mostly egg yolk, pour evenly. Cook for 30 seconds or so then turn off the heat.
  9. In a bowl half full of the warm rice, add half of 8 on top of the rice. Pour half of the sauce over. Repeat the process for another bowl.
  10. Garnish with roasted sesame seeds, finely sliced spring onions then pour the rice vinegar over the dish. Finally, top up with crispy nori seaweed.