Japanese Cooking and Sake Live vol.13

Products used in "Japanese Cooking and Sake Live vol.13"

Christmas Tree and Snowman Sushi


Makes 8 Christmas Tree and 8 Snowman sushi

150g                 Sushi Rice

15ml                 Sushinoko (Powdered Sushi Vinegar)

or 40ml             Sushi Vinegar

1pack               Edomae Inari 12 pcs (Cooked and seasoned tofu pouch)

1                      Cucumber

2                      Crab sticks

4                      Gogi berries or carrot for snowman’s nose

16 pieces          Pumpkin seeds

16 pieces          Black sesame seeds

15ml                 White sesame seeds

 You also need

8                      Cocktail sticks with decoration at one end

4                      Normal cocktail sticks cut in half to make 8

1                      Vegetable peeler wide enough to peel cucumber


  1. Cook sushi rice according to the videohttps://youtu.be/zpH7W1tDevQ 
  2. Season the cooked rice with either ‘Sushinoko (powdered sushi vinegar)’ or ‘Sushi vinegar’ 
  1. To make Christmas Tree Sushi:
    1. Cut 4 Inari pouches in half in the middle widthwise to make 8 small pouches
    2. Weigh 8 x 15g sushi rice, make into 8 small rice balls.
    3. Make 8 fine strips of cucumber with the peeler (take 4 from one side from the whole length of the cucumber, turn it around and take another 4 from the other side).
    4. Gently open the inari pouch, place 1 sushi rice ball into the Inari pouch. Place it on the chopping board, wrap the skin around the sushi rice, pin the Inari pouch with a normal cocktail stick (cut in half) to hold the inari skin. The sushi block should look like a flowerpot with a pin behind it. Ensure it stands straight.
    5. Add white sesame seeds in a small plate, dip the rice end of the inari pouch into the sesame seeds to coat the rice.
    6. Fold 1 cucumber strip to make it look like a tree by folding it in the continuous figure of eight. The top should be smaller than the bottom. Secure by skewering with 1 decorative cocktail stick from the smaller end of the tree.
    7. Stick the cucumber tree into the inari pouch to the rice side. Stretch the cucumber out for the length of the cocktail stick to make it look like the tree.
    8. Repeat the process for the other 7
  1. To make Snowman Sushi:
    1. Make 8 x 10g and 8 x 18g sushi rice balls.
    2. If you are using the carrot for the snowman’s nose, cut the carrot to make 8 very small cone shape.
    3. Make 8 strips of 2mm thick crab sticks. Use the pink part.
    4. Gently open inari pouch. Fold the inari skin inward to keep it tidy.
    5. Place the inari pouch vertically on the chopping board with the opening upward. Gently place a 18g rice ball (body) at the bottom of the inari pouch, then place a strip of crab stick horizontally at the top of the rice ball. Next, place a 10g (head) rice ball in the empty space. Gently fold the crab stick strip like a scarf around the body.
    6. Place a couple of black sesame seeds for eyes, then a piece of carrot or goji berry as the nose. Stick a couple of pumpkin seeds into the body as the arms.
    7. Repeat the process for the other 7.

  2. To make Snowman Sushi: