Spring & Summer Special Duo

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2 bottles of Spring & Summer Special Sake Set

1) MASUMI Arabashiri [First Run] 720ml x 1
Category: Junmai Ginjo, Alcohol: 17%
This young, unpasteurised sake is light and clean, but has the refined flavour that usually comes with careful ageing. Made with a strain of the No. 7 yeast discovered at Masumi brewery 70 years ago.

2) DEWAZAKURA Sarasara Nigori [Sarasara] 720ml x 1
Category: Nama Nigori, Alcohol: 16%
Fresh, vibrant expression of the classic ginjo from Yamagata. A touch of sweetness at first sip, a sprinkling of sake lees for lively taste, then icy clean clarity through to the finish.

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