Fruity Sake Duo

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2 bottles of Fruity Japanese Sake Set

1) HOYO Kura no Hana [Fair Maiden] 500ml x 1
Category: Junmai Daiginjo, Alcohol: 15%
Made from a specialty rice grown only in Miyagi Prefecture, "Kura no Hana" is airily light and touched with a kiss of anise. Its smoothness and gentle aroma extend a demure invitation to the world of sake enjoyment.

2) DEWAZAKURA Oka [Cherry Bouquet] 300ml x 1
Category: Ginjo, Alcohol: 15%
Soft-feeling on the tongue, Oka's transparency of flavour matches the clarity of the colourless liquor. It is floral rather than fruity, though there is a touch of pear, and perhaps melon.

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