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A huge range of Japanese Sake available


Instagram TV (IGTV)

Taste of Japan and Sake

IGTV vol.31
Chicken Karaage

17 June 2022

Cooking Video ---> @naturalnaturalonlineshop

Karaage, JFC (Japanese Fried Chicken) crisply outside, juicy and succulent in side with full of flavours from ginger, garlic, shio-koji and sansho-pepper. Let’s make perfectly delicious Karaage!
It paired very well with shochu with sparkling water. Shochu highball! Our recommendation of ratio is 50:50 on the ice. It’s perfect drink with this hot weather!

IGTV vol.30
Onigiri & Pickled Daikon with Yuzu

19 May 2021
Cooking Video ---> @naturalnaturalonlineshop

Ultimate comfort food Onigiri (Rice Ball) with two different ingredients! Comfort food is always there for you and you never get bored. Why not try making Onigiri instead of sandwich? Happy Healthy Delicious!
Paired with Masumi Shiro Junmai Ginjo from Nagano. The sake also has comfort smooth character. It’s natural and soulful!

IGTV vol.29

21 April 2021

Cooking Video ---> @naturalnaturalonlineshop

Japanese sweeeet!! Everyone’s favourite Dorayaki😍

Japanese style pancake with decadent fillings!
Paired with Tamagawa heart of oak Junmai sake!!


IGTV vol.28
Sweet and Sour Pork with Black Vinegar

17 March 2022
Cooking Video ---> @naturalnaturalonlineshop

Akemi is cooking SWEET AND SOUR PORK WITH BLACK VINEGAR, served with pineapple, and Asami @asami.tasaka is pairing with Tamagawa Heirloom Yamahai Genshu ‘Red Label’🌺 made by Phillip Harper, the only non Japanese sake brewery master in Japan.
Sweet and sour pork is originally a Chinese dish, but it is also a popular dish in Japan.

IGTV vol.27

17 February 2022

Cooking Video ---> @naturalnaturalonlineshop

The recipe this month is Jingisukan, Hokkaido’s regional favourite lamb dish. 🐏+ 🍺 works, but Sake 🍶 + 🐏 is even better‼️😍
Akemi shares her utterly intense, mouthwatering, earthshaking jingisukan sauce that is full of umami, garlic and ginger so intense and shockingly good with Okinawa black sugar.
Sake chosen to pair is Kamoizumi nigiri ginjo, ‘Summer Snow’
A beautiful cloudy Sake with elegance, texture and power.

IGTV vol.26
Salmon Chan Chan Yaki

20 January 2022

Cooking Video ---> @naturalnaturalonlineshop

Regional taste of Hokkaido, Salmon Chan Chan Yaki is a layers of fresh vegetables and mushrooms oven baked with salmon and tasty miso sauce.
So simple to make and delicious.
The sake pairing is, as always, just PERFECT‼️

IGTV vol.25

16 December 2021

Cooking Video ---> @naturalnaturalonlineshop

Futomaki (massive thick roll) and Koshi no Kanbai Cho (super) Tokusen (special select).

Lets enjoy festive season with extra vaganza!!


IGTV vol.24
Scatterd Sushi "CHIRASHI SUSHI"

22 November 2021

Cooking Video ---> @naturalnaturalonlineshop

Chirashi (scattered) sushi and Kuzuryu Junmai Nine headed Dragon sake.
Easy delicious and beautiful! Enjoy


IGTV vol.23
Chicken and Egg Bowl "OYAKODON"

20 October 2021

Cooking Video ---> @naturalnaturalonlineshop

Akemi's easy delicious Oyako-don, happy family over rice.

Asami paired seasonal delicacy Masumi Hiyaoroshi. Enjoy!

IGTV vol.22
White Miso Soup with Spinach and Egg
Red Miso Soup with Clams

16 September 2021

Cooking Video ---> @naturalnaturalonlineshop

The most comforting, homey, delicious, healthy Japanese soup, Miso Soup!

Akemi made two types of easy tasty miso soup and Asami found the sake to enjoy even more!

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